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One day, chatting

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# 11.06.2019 - 09:26:31

One day, chatting with friends, chatting and chatting, he said a word, made me feel aggrieved, tears flowed down the trend. Originally, I was a happy person who had no heart and no lungs and would bring a lot of happiness to those around me. Then, after going through some things, the painting style turned into a melancholy woman, and a melancholy was melancholy. For many years, like most adolescent children, I was lively, enthusiastic, and sensitive. I am very concerned about what others think of themselves. I won't avenge my hatred, but at least I will feel sad and care about it for a day and a half because others have said it. The next day is the same as nothing happened. When the age is a little older, I am too lazy to be sad. Even for a while, when you say that a word feels redundant, you can never speak without speaking. The cultural activity center in the living area is open to all kinds of parties, and the students in the entire living area are welcoming the legend. In the midst of the meteor shower, the house trembled, and the roommates took part in an event to win the prize... I still didn��t feel anything at all, I felt that those had nothing to do with me. Although I deeply feel a strong sense of loneliness that I have never had before, I still don't want to be close to others. That's because I have closed my heart, and once the heart is closed, it is difficult to close. I know that I have changed from a warm person to a slightly indifferent person. However, I would rather be so indifferent to myself, and I don��t want to pay for the false warmth that goes against my heart Online Cigarettes. Then one day I find myself becoming more and more strange and understand the habit. What a terrible thing. I am not tired of such a self. I used to want to get close to the people around me, like the one I used to give people warmth, big ambiguity, and informality. However, when the values ??are far apart and the character is also a hundred thousand miles apart, just accepting and respecting can't make the two hearts close together. The process of approaching is very hard, and both sides are not happy. Therefore, I would rather choose to forgive those parts of my character that are too prominent Newport Cigarettes Coupons, to bear more loneliness, and to make the other party less hard and to become a person who adapts to society. We seem to have to learn to pretend and hide Marlboro Lights. Except for the closest friends, others don't know what we are, and we don't know others. We gradually became a "big child" who would not cry in front of people and try to laugh in front of people. Ping fashion does not care about anything. In fact, how lonely and vulnerable our hearts are, and the words of others inadvertently may make us sad for a long time. A lot of things, different reactions, the results are the same, so, many times, we pretend to be a fish, many want to say, to the tip of the tongue, but choose to exhale, let them become silent and colorless bubbles, The more you dilute in the air, the more lonely you are. In my opinion, it is such a lonely, how many friends you have, how much money there is not directly related, but those related to being a person, related to hypocrisy and true nature, related How to adapt to the inner conflicts and contradictions of society. Money can meet the needs of the material, friends can accompany you to drink, accompany you to watch movies, accompany you to do things that look silly and very good, will comfort you when you are sad, will laugh with you when you are happy, friends are essential! But every night, those lonely in the bones, but no one can help you share. People are very complex animals, eager, resisting, approaching, staying away, choosing, giving up, sadness, sadness, anger, silence... It is never difficult to find a fulcrum that balances both themselves and those around them. Many things in life will make people feel cold even in the summer. Over time, this kind of "cold" is getting deeper and deeper. It takes more and more warmth to resolve. One day, come back from work, wash vegetables on the balcony Cigarettes For Sale. It was originally cloudy Newport Cigarettes, but suddenly felt the warmth of the sun. Looking up, the sunset was full of balconies, the warm yellow sun was bright but not glaring, my heart was warm and melted, and the tiredness of working for a day dissipated more than half. It turns out that so many colds and grievances accumulated in your heart, only need a piece of just the right
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