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d the weak are warm. Let m

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# 14.01.2020 - 09:08:00

In the morning, Xia Guangmu smelled the flowers and birds and sent me a clean and joyful day. In the joy of bird sound Di Cui in the spring, my dreams are sober and realistic. I had a good night's sleep, stretched my hands and feet, no pain and no sourness, no discomfort, and a good mood. The air is so fresh, the scent of flowers accompanied by the fragrance of the plants makes people happy and grateful. Good, the world is suffering so much, but I still have a fresh self and a clear blue sky. I clean my body, I am strong, and I have a peaceful and happy heart Cigarettes For Sale. I enjoy breakfast with my family at a clean table. We talked with laughter, talked about the good dreams of last night, talked about the plans and arrangements to be made. When I think of so many wonderful studies and work waiting for us to do, the sunshine of the day is bright and the pace is light Marlboro Lights. I am deeply grateful to this world. I like that I still have a job that I can do with my own hands and hard work to get food and food to satisfy my hunger. We abide by the law and conventions, and agree to the conventions, arrange ourselves on the normal track and procedures, and make a small screw to ensure the operation of the machine. At the same time, I like to radiate enthusiasm and passion in concentration and loyalty, so that I can capture the dreams and sparks along the way. Put into action, do not let the inspiration fleetingly, strive to give, and believe that hard work will bring you gains. Be able to create a wealth and enjoy the joy of a good harvest. I am fortunate that I live in a youthful campus. Every day, my ears are full of sounds, and the fragrance of flowers is full of youth. The youthful vitality makes people always new and vigorous. It is my instinctive quality and sentiment to let each flower stand up in the wind and make each plant proud of itself, enjoying life and loving life. To this end, I am full of confidence and hope, excellence, never satisfied, vigorous and dedicated, tireless, preaching. My dreams are stained with a little bit of pink. The green mountains and blue waters and the blue sky embrace my breath, making my love more comfortable, relaxed, pillowing infinite peace and beauty, quietly dreaming. I try to give myself some time and space to rest. I like to have leisure and thinking, like to have ample time and arrangements, look at flowers, look at trees, fly from a bird, and discover many mysteries of nature and life. With a pair of loving and loving eyes, apply a sincere yearning heart Carton Of Cigarettes, listen to some subtle voices shouting from the heart, as if the sound of the piano and flute is exposed in the wind, and the whispers of the silk and bamboo orchestra whisper. Those rhythmic, long and distant syllables are called poems and songs. The abundance and prosperity of life come from this and bring peace and tranquility to the soul. This seems to be some persistent emotions in the world, maintaining the call of our lives to each other, so that our midnight souls, facing a window full of silver and silver, the world is vast, boundless, and tears burst into tears. Let your loved ones be filial and benevolent. I believe that our hard work is only in exchange for a smiley face, a fearless, calm smile from the heart. The loved ones are stable, the love is full, the friends are happy, the wise are good, the happy are ploughing, and the weak are warm. Let my happiness infect the surroundings, everyone is free, the world is harmonious, and the country is rich and the people are safe. Let your smile be quiet, not humble, not weak, not wanton. Bright is the beauty I bring to the world. My dream is to pass the warm flame of the world.
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